The Essence of Romance

Legend has it that Cupid dipped his love arrows in honey before aiming at unsuspecting lovers. Surely Cupid would approve of Mademoiselle Miel's Valentine's Day honey bon-bon collection. Classic Rooftop and two new flavors, Rare Rose and Lemon Zest, blend his favorite love nectar with powerful oils and encapsulates them in 100% Italian chocolate. Together the three make up a perfectly romantic trio for Valentine's Day.

To make the Rare Rose honey bon-bons, Mademoiselle Miel combines Saint Paul rooftop honey with 100% pure therapeutic grade rose oil derived from the Damask Rose of Bulgaria. It takes as much as two and a half dozen roses to get a single drop! The oil is nearly impossible to obtain and was only found after an exhausting search. Given the known aphrodisiac qualities of rose, what could say love more perfectly?

In addition to romance, love brings happiness, which can also be found in Mademoiselle Miel's Lemon Zest honey bon-bons. Made by mixing Saint Paul rooftop honey with the fresh zest of organic lemons and the purest lemon oil sourced from Italy. This oil is sometimes referred to as "liquid sunshine" due to it's mood lifting qualities. The Lemon Zest honey bon-bons have a fresh and elevating citrus flavor and are perfectly paired with the rich chocolate.

For the finishing touch, stop by our Honey Kitchen & Showroom or shop online and select a personal sentiment for the interior tissue. A sweeter gift would be hard to find.

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