King Harold and Queen Sonja of Norway

Some very distinguished guests recently visited Minnesota, the King and Queen of Norway. While here they stopped by the Walker Art Center Shop and bought several things . . . including honey bon-bons!
"Nei, men kjaere deg! De smaker!"


Just made some new bon-bons tonight . . . raspberry cordials with fresh raspberries and honey inside the black chocolate shell. WOW they are fantastic, lookout world . . . these aren't your mother's chocolates anymore.

Special Edition

A limited edition of bon-bons are being produced next week with a wonderful local pumpkin blossom honey. The boxes will be labeled on the bottom, identifying the honey source. If they aren't found at one of your favorite spots, let us know! 

Bon-bons for Beans

Now showing at Urban Bean in Minneapolis!
Two great locations:

3255 Bryant Ave S
Minneapolis, Mn 55408
612 824 6611

2401 Lyndale Ave S
Minneapolis, Mn 55408
612 200 8051

October News!

The October issue of Mpls-StPaul Magazine has a nice review of our "decadent" honey bon-bons . . . calling them one of the new "tricked-out treats".

Newest Location to Buy Honey Bon-bons

honey bon-bons now available at:
BANGbang Salon & Creative Space
11 west 38th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55409

These ladies are so fun, stop in anytime!